Sunshowers | Finalist for SFFilm Westridge Grant

SFFilm Westridge Grant.png


Joosje’s first feature screenplay Sunshowers, a whimsical story exploring mental health issues through the eyes of a teen girl who loses her sight of color, is a finalist for the prestigious SFFILM Westridge Grant. The news was announced on MEDIUM.

The SFFILM Westridge program is designed to support the screenwriting and development phases of narrative feature projects whose stories focus on the significant social issues and questions of our time.

Sunshowers takes place in Hatterville, a whimsical town where it rains all year. Residents of Hatterville forcefully focus on positivity and use bright umbrellas to forget the grayness of their existence. When gifted teenage artist Sea Wade wins the honorable challenge to design Hatterville’s newest umbrella, she suddenly loses her ability to see color, making it seemingly impossible to complete her task. Through the eyes of Sea, Sunshowers tackles mental health issues in a surreal, colorful setting.