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Waiting For What?

Together with Lily van Leeuwen, Joosje wrote the one-woman show Waiting for What?, which played at United Solo, the world's largest solo festival, on November 11, 2015. 

In Waiting for What?, a little girl (Joosje) is stuck in an indefinable space, somewhere between life and death, waiting for the film about her life to begin. While waiting, she leads her audience through this film. She speaks about her past, how she ended up in the waiting room, what here dreams were, what she achieved in her short lifespan, and how she died. During her telling of the story an old-fashioned film countdown screen appears. But will the film ever begin?

Waiting for What? premiered at NYU's Gallatin Arts Festival and was part of the Summer One Act Play Competition of the Manhattan Repertory Theatre before playing at United Solo. More information about upcoming performances will soon be available.
If you want to stay updated, you can also check out Waiting for What?'s Facebook page.

Waiting for What? was featured on the website of Dutch Culture USAThe Netherlands Club and Washington Square News.